Quilting Ministry

Ministry Leader: Janet Kilpatrick

Quilting Ministry is a mission  organization which seeks to involve women, men,  girls, boys, and preschoolers in Christian missions.  It is a self-supporting organization.


These are just a few of the offerings promoted community wide. The Quilting Ministry  at Fort Barnwell Baptist is involved in a variety of mission efforts. Some of their current projects include the following:

  • Support for food, medicine, electric payment

  • Support for Relay-for-Life

  • Richard Petty's Victory Junction

  • Religious Community Services-New Bern

Quilting Ministry meets every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am. Anyone is invited to join this group.

History- The group was started in 1997 as a social gathering for the older ladies  in our church and community. We met on Tuesday of each week.  At first, we made our own quilt tops. All our material has been donated by the ladies who stopped sewing or elderly person who had passed away and the family was cleaning out the house. 

The group started in a Sunday School room in the church,  then moved to the Fellowship Building after a year. While in the Fellowship[ Building, two or three ladies who did not sew or quilted started cooking lunch in the Fellowship kitchen.  Some men of the neighbor started eating with us.  Quilting here was not convenient because every time there was a social we had to take the quilt down.

In 2000 our parsonage became empty because the minister lived in New Bern. We moved quilting, and this was ideal because we had a room for quilting, one for cutting and sewing, and a kitchen for cooking and eating.

One of our men was on the board at Richard Petty's camp for handicapped children, Victory Junction. With lots of donated quilting material and helped us make bears for the children. So, we made over 300 teddy bears and over 1,000 lap quilts for Victory Junction.

We gave several quilts to Religious Community Services in New Bern to use in the homeless shelter and gave one to our church youth for their raffle.  Our first quilt went to our local volunteer fire department for a raffle.

Over the years we have had about 30 different quilters.  Nine have gone to be with the Lord. On any one Tuesday there may be three to eight quilters present.  We just quilt to glorify the Lord.


  September 2021  
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